What people say

I met with Rachel and was inspired by her from the first moment. Her approach was that of a coach, where she asked questions which forced me to drill down and really focus on what Wellbeing is an Inside Job was about. She identified lots of loose beads, individually interesting, but which lacked a thread that joined them up into a coherent whole. She was generous in her editing – making clumsy sentences read smoothly, ensuring ideas were developed or linked to give the reader an understanding of the material and suggesting where expansion or pruning would benefit the reader. She flagged inconsistencies and chronological errors, showing an eye for detail that would otherwise be the making or breaking of credibility. She was clear in setting out how she would manage the project, what I could expect from each stage, and within a time frame that suited us both. Being my first experience in the realm of prep for publishing, Rachel provided the encouragement and support I very quickly came to rely on. I had taken the manuscript as far as I was able, and honestly couldn’t have taken it to the next level without her.

Hazel Boylan, author of Wellbeing is an Inside Job

Rachel helped me on a number of texts that were to be used as an afterword to buddleia, a photo book. Having her help and guidance made life much easier. With her assistance I was able to resolve the text sooner than expected and in confidence of its value. I would highly recommend her services to those who are teetering on uncertainty about their projects as she lends a very decisive role regarding such matters.

Eric van Kampen, author of buddleia